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This is an unbiased review of EcoQuest/Vollara.  I am neither a distributor nor dealer, nor have I ever been a dealer of Ecoquest International or Vollara.

EcoQuest was founded in 2000 by Mike Jackson a local Greenville Tennessee businessman.   The company was formed out of the purchase of some of the assets of Alpine Industries.  Jackson served as the President and CEO of EcoQuest until 2009. The company grew to become one of the top air purifier companies in the world with a couple hundred employees and thousands of distributors/dealers in North America and number of other countries.  The company was uniquely positioned to corner the market in my opinion.  EcoQuest’s growth and expansion continued for seven years. Then IT happened…

Global Recession hits EcoQuest

By 2008, EcoQuest like a lot of other companies began struggling under the weight of the global recession.   Its’ gross sales had plummeted from $85.3 million in gross sales in 2007 to $62.3 million in 2008. As the recession set in, sales numbers plummeted even further and by March 2009, the owners were looking for outside financing to help stave off the inevitable.

EcoQuest International is sold

In 2000 EcoQuest grew out of the purchase of some of the assets of another company and ironically nine years later it was being parceled off and sold to another company.  In March 2009 most of the assets of Ecoquest International were sold by its parent company, Phoenix EQ Holding Company to DBG Group Investments, a subsidiary of Aerus Holdings, LLC, a Dallas, Texas-based corporation.   When it purchased the company DBG Investments also acquired the EcoQuest name, trademarks and other intellectual property, along with EcoQuest’s nationwide distribution network.  This was a smart move on their part since now meant that no one else could do business using the Ecoquest name.  What they did next was not so smart in my opinion.

EcoQuest branded as Vollara

As I stated earlier I thought it was a smart move by the new company owners to retain all the rights to the name Ecoquest along with the trademarks and all its intellectual property.  Instead of trying to capitalize on the ten years of the Ecoquest name being in the market place the new owners totally screwed up in my opinion and branded the “new” company as Vollara.  Think about this for a moment, when people heard the name EcoQuest they thought of air purifiers and water filters.  If I was a distributor I would have been totally pissed because I would now have to do a total revamp of my marketing campaigns, redirect my sites, purchase new product brochures and the list goes on.  In addition to all the other changes they have made they have rebranded some nutritional supplements and others they have discontinued.

I understand the company’s need to establish themselves as a different company.  However, in my opinion they made a mistake when they decided to rebrand already known products that customers know and love.  I don’t know if this has hurt them in the short term.  However, time will tell whether Vollara succeeds where EcoQuest couldn’t.  I believe as a company they mean well, but they should listen to leaders in the field if they want the company to grow and thrive in the long term.

vollara logo EcoQuest Vollara MLM ReviewAs a  relatively new company Vollara  has begun to prove itself in the marketplace.  The company has a solid experienced leadership team lead by Joseph P. Urso, Chairman, Founder and CEO of Aerus Holding LLC. Overall I believe Vollara has great potential with its product lines of air purifiers, water purifiers and nutraceutical products.  For potential distributors/dealers the Vollara business opportunity is currently only available in the USA & territories, Canada and territories.  Remember to do your own due diligence when looking at the EcoQuest Vollara business or any other business opportunity.


To Your Success,

Michael McCoy